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+ what is the wire?

The wire will be a monthly email with call outs from bloggers + brands to other bloggers + brands. You don't need a certain audience size to participate, this is about making connections and promoting within our community. Think of the wire as HARO for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and content creators.

The weekly email will be sent out each Monday and include call outs for sources, guest posters, brands or service providers. The service is totally free for both those seeking sources and those asking. The only catch is that you may not ask for monetary compensation for your ideas or the collaboration unless it is listed as a service call. An example for a service call would be a conference asking for a designer to build their site, a blogger looking for paid sponsorships in a post, etc. These will be listed separately in the email.

This is not a brand + blog sponsorship program. This is to help connect, share ideas and expand our audiences. Don't be spammy, and don't be a jerk.

+ Who is it for?

YOU! As content creators we are constantly wanting to find sources of information and share interesting ideas. This is a way for bloggers, brands and entrepreneurs to connect and promote one another. Instead of posting in 5 facebook groups to get a decent list of the best tools for entrepreneurs, you can just have it emailed directly to The Wire community and have email responses in your inbox. Be sure to give credit to the source in your post.

You can also be a source for other bloggers. Share your expertise and get quoted on their site. Opportunities may be for full guest posts or just a few tips. The Wire is a great way to boost your press page and make industry connections.


JOIN if you want answer inquiries and find opportunities for yourself to collaborate, write guest posts, and provide expert opinions.

if you are looking for sources for a post, collaborators for your podcast or need help from an expert in their field. Your request will be sent out in the next week's issue of The Wire. If you place a request you will also be added to the email list to get The Wire.



want to have a guest poster, expert tip or collaborator for an upcoming project?  Place a request to be included in the opportunities email


Name *
which of the following best describe your request *
*any requests that involve payment must be marked as a service
Example Request:
REVAMPED Magazine Blog
Looking for the best essential oils for skincare
Hello, I am looking for a few brands or essential oil bloggers to discuss a few of the best essential oils for skincare. we will be doing a round up of the top 5 on the blog. We will link back to your and of course list you as the source :)

The bigger the community, the more opportunity for collaboration!  Share The Wire with friends!