4 need-to-know tips for an epic about page

The about me section on your blog is one of the most important pages ever.

Think about it. When someone lands on your blog, the next thing they are going to do after they read a post is go to a page where they can learn more about you. The about me section is the one place where you can state who you are, what you do & who are you’re targeting, pretty powerful stuff, don’t you think? So when it comes to crafting the about me on your website/blog, here are some dos and don’ts to consider.


Do: Tell Your Story

Your about me should express who you are and what you do in a professional and authentic style. Getting a little personal in your bio isn’t bad at all. For example, on my bio, I share with my audience my journey in my background section. In a brief paragraph, I share how I started my journey in digital media in 2000 with AOL. Sharing the intimate details of my journey helps potential followers, clients, etc. relate to me. Your story is the thing that separates you from the crowd. Don’t forget to tell it!


Don’t: Use a Selfie

Your potential clients/ followers need to build their trust in you before they consider working with you or following you. That applies big time to the pictures you use. Whatever you do, don’t use a selfie! Professional headshots are always the way to go! Don’t have a headshot? Grab a friend and ask if they could take one for you.


Do: Include an Email Address

Make sure you include an email address that you check regularly. If you’re going to add a contact form, still include an email address. Another blogger might want to get in touch with you for another reason. From personal experience, I’ve stumbled across many websites that only had a contact form. I had to do some extra digging to find their email address and ended up spending way too much of my time looking for it. DON’T be that person who only has a contact form!


Don’t: forget to humanize your brand

Humanizing your brand is important. If you’re active on Instagram, include an Instagram reel. If you Snap, include your Snapchat code. I use Instagram & Snapchat to share exclusive behind the scenes pictures/video of my business & a little of my personal life. Showing some personality on your about me is a great way for potential followers/ clients to see the real you.