what you need on your desk... and a few things you don't

How many hours a day do you spend at your desk?

Many, I’d guess. Let me tell you, sometimes I enjoy it. I mean, time flies when we are focused on something interesting. Few evenings ago I thought “let me just take a look at this...” and I ended up spending almost two hours at my desk. I started to write some posts for my blog, I checked some photos, delete some and so on. I’m sure you can relate. Since we spend many hours sat at our desk, of course we should make it a nice place. Surrounding ourselves with useful but cute objects is a must for every girl boss.

So, what are the ten objects that should never miss on our desk?

For me, one thing that can’t go without is a glass of water. We all know staying hydrated is so important but some people easily forget to drink. That’s why I have a big, beautiful glass close to me. This is a simple habit everyone should adopt.

Even if our computers/laptops/tablets and smartphones are so useful and full of apps to organize our life, I still prefer a real notebook. Call me old-fashioned, but I like to write with pencils and pens on a real sheet of paper. And I love Post-its!

Lip balm is something I always keep handy. I’m sure it’s a “never without” thing for most of us, maybe all of us. So I keep one on my desk, because sometimes we get lazy and we think “ok, now I’m gonna take it, just five minutes”. And we end up with dry lips! A bottle of water spray is also a must-have, for me. Computers dry our skin and eyes, too.

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A pen holder is necessary because even girls who are not old-fashioned like me at a certain point of the day will need a pen, that’s sure. I don’t like to have pens, pencils and highlighers all over my desk. During a previous job I did tidying up my desk was not only necessary, at a certain time of the day, but it was also a way to take a break.

Cables for our smartphones and other devices are of course necessary. I prefer to keep them in a box, because I don’t like to see all those rolled cables on my desk. So, a cute box would work great to keep cable, chargers, earbuds, USB flash drives and whatever you use handy and tidy.

In the era of socials like Instagram and Pinterest, we often see a lot of beautiful, elegant but impractical desks.

Let’s be honest, does anyone really keep a huge bottle of Chanel n.5 on her desk? Or a palette of eyeshadows? Or a pair of fancy shoes?!? No! There’re tons of beautiful and useful objects we can keep on our desks, so leave perfumes, make-up and shoes where they belong!

Some girls use to wear a lot of jewelry. Stacks of rings, “arm party” are stylish but sometimes not very comfortable, especially if you write a lot while at your desk. A cute plate to hold your jewelry, your watch but also other things (like the lip balm) adds a useful and personal touch to your workspace.

A snack, possibly healthy, should never miss on our desk. Keeping it in a drawer will probably prevent us from taking a break and eat something. What about keeping some bars, chocolates, crackers and whatever you like in a jar?

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I love flowers but if a vase falls over spilling water all over your desk, what are you going to save first? I prefer to keep a little plant on my desk. I once read that succulents kind of absorb the radiations of all our technological devices, but some say it’s not true. What is true is that some plants particularly improve the quality of indoor air, and succulents are among these useful plants.

Nowadays, Himalayan salt lamps are very popular. They seem to be healthy because salt absorbs the extra moisture in the air. I don’t know if it’s true but I have a small salt lamp with a USB port, its light is kind of relaxing, most of all when I spend time at my desk during evenings and nights.

This may sounds like a cliché, but keeping a scented candle handy, even if you don’t light it, can contribute to creating a positive environment around us. Just smelling one of our favorite scents can give us positive vibes.

These are 10 things that, for me, can’t be missing from the desk of a #girlboss.

What are your must-have desk accessories?  Share them in the comments