why Squarespace is the entrepreneur's easy button

When I started the journey into the online world, I had no idea about ANYTHING. I didn’t know where to begin…I didn’t know what a lead page, opt-in or email list even was! Talk about totally in the dark. 

But the beauty that came from my ignorance was that I was able to research every single thing from scratch for every single step along the way. And the best research I ever did was on website platforms. I actually started with both Squarespace and WordPress to see what worked better for me. And even though both have huge strengths, I couldn’t do the customization I wanted to do with WordPress without outsourcing. And oh, the coding…the coding!!

When you’re an entrepreneur on a budget, you really need to keep your monthly costs as minimal as possible. And I found that Squarespace helped me check off every single box I needed it to.



When you first join Squarespace, it all starts with just an email address and you’ve begun. All you need is the internet…no need to download software to your laptop – so you can access Squarespace from anywhere in the world. 

You’ll find the guidance to be very straight forward, with most of the action happening in your ‘pages’. 

You can add the pages to your site very easily, customizing it however you would like.



This is the best part of the platform – choosing the gorgeous template you want your site to showcase. So, even for the total novice, it will stand out.

I’m currently using the Pacific template and I adore the easy ability to customize to my ‘perfect fit’. You can see the template in action here. Customization is my favorite part about Squarespace! Every page has limitless possibilities for design. You can insert text, photos, audio, galleries, coding…pretty much anything you’d like. You can also choose to have a sidebar to showcase certain content/clickables.



The beginner is most likely going to be using Mail Chimp for their email list, which is how I started. And that integrates perfectly and easily with Squarespace. But when I switched to ConvertKit, I was worried if it would work as easily. Even though they don’t have a direct integration yet {rumor is that they will soon}, it is super easy to integrate your email responder through Zapier. So, you plug in a form and have Zapier send that straight to your responder. Trust me, super quick.

If you have any further questions on this, Megan Minns is a great go-to for Squarespace and integrations. She has lots of tutorials on YouTube and her site. You can also dig deeper to see if ConvertKit is a great fit for you here. I walk through ConvertKit to show you exactly why it works for me!



I love that Squarespace will connect all of your social media accounts so your site visitors can find you wherever they desire. Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook and a bunch more. And I know that people want me to have those buttons because if one of them gets disabled, I always get a kind email from one of my tribe letting me know! You can even add SumoMe sharing so people can easily share your content on their platforms.

Check out Sumo Me here.



There’s NO easier way to write a blog and make it beautiful. And with Squarespace, you can even design it so your main blog page has a key photo and a small blurb for each post so your visitor can choose the one they can’t wait to read!

And there’s literally no difference between creating a blog in Squarespace and a Podcast…all you have to do is insert an audio block and enter the custom rss feed. Don’t worry about any of that right now. Just know as a fellow lady entrepreneur, you’ll always have the option to easily add a Podcast if your career takes you in that direction.



I actually left Lead Pages a few months ago. And it’s not that I’m never going back.... I might. But right now between ConvertKit and my ability to create gorgeous sales and cover pages in Squarespace, I don’t need it.

You can build it out gorgeous and create a nice button for them to click when they’re ready to buy! I love this part! Squarespace integrates with Stripe very easily, so you can host all of your payments directly through your site. Meaning, you don’t have to worry about trying to get Paypal to work through it – even though you can do that as well if you’d like. But I find Stripe to be easy, and I love that I can have a client look at my coaching package, fill out the client agreement, then pay – all within my site.




I haven’t started this yet, but I plan to and know of many other lady entrepreneurs who have! The great thing is that you can password protect any page on your Squarespace. 

So, hypothetically, if I was going to engineer a membership site, this is what I might do:

  • Have them pay on a sales page
  • Send them an email with the page + password
  • Regularly add content to that page to fulfill their experience

Obviously, there would be a lot more to go into it than that, but that would be a good starting off point. I think once you got past 50 or so women, however, you might want to switch platforms so each person would get their own unique password to keep your content protected.



By far the best customer service ever. They have a chat that’s open during the day {9-5} and you can always send them a message. They also have a library of FAQ’s and tutorials so, chances are, you can figure it out without having to wait for a response. But they’ll always respond in no more than 12 hours, usually I get a message after about 2 hours, so it’s absolutely wonderful!

resources for bloggers and entrepreneurs: how to, guides and advice

So there you have it. A bit of a Squarespace breakdown for the online lady entrepreneur. I believe it’s the best way to go to be able to run a one-woman- shop at the beginning of your business, and equally as beneficial when you’re further down the road and ready to outsource. Just look at Mariah Coz from Femtrepreur.co! A huge advocate who rakes in millions every single year with her e-courses…who’s sales pages are built inside of Squarespace.

Squarespace is truly the “entrepreneur’s easy button” because it simplifies the website design process, inspires creativity because every page can be built beautifully and offers flexibility for you to customize your business in your perfect way.

Do you agree? What do you LOVE about your current platform and what other options do you wish it had? I’d love to know!

+if you have a Squarespace site, link it below so we can check it out!