Coming Out of Fear

There’s always that small quiver of insecurity and fear clawing at your heart and mind when you attempt to materialize your dreams. The usual questions of, “Will I fail?” and, “Am I good enough?”, will flit through your mind more times than you can count. Each small step forward seems to be undermined by the doubts you have and others have as you take risks pursuing what you love. For many, passion succumbs to fear and the journey is abandoned for the ‘smart’ option, a settled for outcome. 

The reality of chasing dreams is terrifying. There’s no safety net to catch you if you fall, no guarantee you’ll reach the goals you’ve imagined. Dream chasing is not for the light of heart; you must be courageous and bold. Stepping out of the comfort zone you’ve created isn’t easy for anyone, but can be accomplished by all with just a little bit of faith. The most gratifying rewards stem from our greatest risks.


There is a world of possibilities behind the fear clouding your sight. Every dream is in our heart for a reason, each one of us has a purpose to fulfill while we’re on this earth. Don’t miss your calling because you were scared. Missed opportunities will haunt you more than ‘failure’ will; even the undesirable outcomes are not failures, they’re learning moments setting you up for the next big thing in your life. Value the lessons as much as your successes. 

Show yourself grace as you map out your dream adventure. There’s no set formula, no way to do it wrong, it’s simply figuring out what works best for you and how to carry it through. Your inner warrior will strike out into the jungle of uncertainty as time reveals the twists and turns your path will take; no circumstance will be more than you can handle. Gather your confidence and pursue boldly. Take the risks no one is willing to make and see where opportunities carry you. Life wasn’t meant to be settled into, it’s meant to be lived to it’s fullest. 

Trust the gentle nudging of your heart as your journey onward and you will end up where you need to be. Let no opportunities pass you by, seize them confidently! You are brave enough to begin, strong enough to succeed, and resilient enough to bounce back from the learning moments. Don’t be stifled by your doubts or other people’s doubts, hold tight to the knowledge your purpose is pursuing you with zero fear, zero doubt, and you’ll both meet the moment you need it most.