Natural Remedies: Are They Really Overrated?

In the recent years, medical science has made numerous advancements, and that’s helped us all a lot undoubtedly- saving lives and dealing with health disorders has become easier than ever before, but with these advancements, the world has also seen a huge boost in the use and popularity of natural and herbal remedies.

Do a quick Google search of ‘how to get rid of a cough fast’ or ‘natural remedies for indigestion’ and you’ll find huge resources to your rescue.  But are these ‘natural’ remedies really good enough?  Read on to find out!

a closer look at all natural health remedies, are they legit? -REVAMPED Magazine

The Highs

While the focus of conventional medicine has always been on targeting the symptoms rather than the treatment itself, in contrast, natural medicine approaches focus on healing the body. For instance, using turmeric has been found to be effective for patients with arthritis- and it doesn’t just target arthritic pain, but also reduces the inflammation itself- which causes pain, making it the obvious better choice as opposed to pain meds.

Also, many recent studies have revealed that many botanical and herbal extracts do possess powerful healing properties, and in some cases, can work even better than prescribed medications.

The Lows

The downside to natural remedies is that they may not work as effectively as regular meds do- at least not alone. Some herbal remedies have no scientific backing or evidence to support their effectiveness, while some others are associated with some side effects associated with their use.

If you’re on some medications or are undergoing some form of treatment, using certain herbs or foods could be counterproductive and may even interfere with your current treatment- scary right?

The Verdict

All in all, it is safe to say that while natural remedies and healing approaches are good options to turn to, relying completely on them to tackle everything from a minor cut to a migraine attack is not a good idea.

So the next time you catch a cold, don’t just rely on bone broths and what not- remember to seek medical advice, and have a talk with your doc about what’s best for you. After all, health is first- right?