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Being a small business, content creator or curator can be tough.  We are passionate about growing, connecting + creating excellent content for our audience.  Have you ever posted (or wanted to) in a facebook group to get sources for xyz... the best print shops, cocktail recipes, guest posters, a few beauty tips to share with your readers?

The Wire is a resource to help you create better content, connect with other women, and have your expertise shared in new audiences.  It's a win for those requesting sources and collaborations and those helping out.  

5 reasons you should join The Wire

I could go on all day about why you should join The Wire, but I'll be more concise because, let's be honest, you've got an empire to build, nurture and grow.  

expand your audience

When you respond to a request and are chosen as a source or collaborator, you will be putting your expertise in from of an entirely new audience.  So you want to make sure to really give your best content.  If the new readers or listeners like your tips or point of view, they'll hop back over to your site and follow along.  BAM,  New people in your tribe.


Whatever your niche, it's always awesome to sprinkle in some quotes or suggestions for others in your niche.  It may be a roundup of ideas like this post on how to kill it on Instagram or just a bit of background like in this DIY face mask post.  I wanted to share essential oil facts that were relevant to the face mask recipe, bolster its credibility and helps promote women who are in the essential oil field.  

Putting in a request for sources is easy and can be done every week if you'd like. In return, you'll get to share better content with your audience.  Don't think it;s just for blogs though- request a webinar co-host, a podcast guest, an event speaker or an influencer who might like to promote your product on social media.  You could even find a few beta testers to help you improve your latest course content

bulk up your press page

You know that page on your site that shows where you or your product have been featured... yeah, let's bulk it up.  Social proof is a great way to build credibility and in an online space, it's essential.  If you have an online shop or you are a content creator, sharing how you've been featured around the web helps build your credibility.  It can be hard to connect with the right press person for a feature, but The Wire will help you connect right in your own inbox.  .  


Whether you run an in-person business or online, keep an eye on the 'service call' section of the email. Requests can be made for work opportunities in this section.  On the opposite side, if you  need a photographer in Atlanta for a shoot, you can put out a service call and get what you need.

Or maybe you wrote a stellar guest post for someone else''s blog and now their audience is dying to hire you.  When you are an active Wire member, you'll be finding new clients who are just finding out how awesome you are.  

It's free

Seriously.  It's free.  Whether you are placing a request or responding, it's free.  Even the opportunities are free.  Unless it's listed under 'service call', the opportunity is free.  You have nothing to lose, but opportunities. 

here's how it works

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