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Need a bit of romantic inspiration?  See who calligrapher Sarah Barrett loves to watch on instagram & what she has to say about her work.  As an artist and super-inspiring instagrammer, she'll have you sketching all your favorite quotes in your day planner like a boss.  


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Meet the Curator: @sarahbcalligraphy

How did you start in the calligraphy field?

I graduated with my BFA in graphic design and had just finished an internship August 2014. While in the process of waiting to hear back from job applications and interviews, I wanted to be productive. I've always been a fan of typography and handlettering, so I saw a class taught online about the basics of calligraphy. Besides that video, I'm pretty much self-taught and already knew the typography basics. It was very organic, and I learned pretty quickly. I learned on a whim and never looked back!

What advice do you have for people who are trying to learn calligraphy?  Are there classes / books / blogs you love?

Go slow and have patience. You aren't going to learn it overnight. Also, learn the basics! The way you hold a calligraphy pen is totally different from a regular pen. I think some great resources are, and I actually do have a worksheet for beginner's calligraphy that I've taught people with!

You add calligraphy to so many cool items...

I've lettered on agate slices, and that was pretty cool. I love being able to try my skill on different objects! It's so fun to experiment as well.

Your instagram feed is a gorgeous mix of your work & life...

My work IS my life! I love it, so it's very easy to have my Instagram feed seem like it's a mix of both. I like showing people the real me. I want to be authentic for those interested in my work and engage with them!