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Meet the Curator: @laurafedorowicz

Tell us how you got started & how you found your way.  -Why paint and not pastels? Why not 'representational' pieces?

I have always been creative, for as long as I can remember. I went to OCAD for Environmental Design. After university life got busy as it does, and my creativity got pushed to the wayside. In 2014 I had my first child, and began longing to dabble in painting again. I began painting casually and discovered my love of creating was as strong as ever. I started sharing my art slowly, and without expectation on Instagram in August 2015. As I posted and shared I started getting inquiries about my work, and whether any of it was available to purchase. With much encouragement from my husband and friends I opened my Etsy shop September 2015. I haven’t looked back since. There has been a lot of learning and experimentation along the way, and of course- lots more to do as I grow but I am just enjoying the ride. 

During high school art, and for as long as I can remember I did more representational painting. When I started painting again during my maternity leave I just felt more drawn to loose and abstract work. The freedom and the energy I felt when creating abstracts really appealed to me and I haven’t looked back. While I occasionally dabble in florals or other subjects they always have an abstract flair to them. The colors and rhythms just come to me, and I prefer to work on the fly- no planning needed. 

What do you do to stay inspired?

Inspiration is everywhere. A trip to the garden store, in my backyard, the newest Decor magazine. I have always been inspired by colors and the impact color has on ones life and so inspiration seems endless to me. There are so many color combinations, and unexpected marriages of color and texture always inspire new work.  I have an amazing community of artists on instragram that challenge me, and encourage me and I like to think we help to inspire each other. I am inspired that I get to lead this life I have, and embrace the ideas as they come. Of course, like other artists, sometimes you go through a down period where your inspiration doesn’t flow as easily. In these times, I think it is important to rest, fill your well (see friends, hang out with family, read a good book) and the inspiration will find you again.

You have such a beautiful + unique style of painting. What advice to do have for other creatives to help them find their own style?

It is so important not to pigeon hole yourself. Allow yourself to experiment and see where it takes you. Artists have periods in their work, and each change in a painting gradually adds up over time to become your own style. If you want to play with abstracts, do so. If you want to venture into oils and experiment with texture do it. Being creative is all about learning and following your instincts, and honouring those instincts is important. You are the only person who can create as YOU. Your art has its own unique place in this world. Do not be afraid to stay true to what makes your heart sing, and what feels right. I paint in brights. Almost always. Is this something that will appeal to a wide target market? Probably not- but it is my style, and my preference and I will continue to honour that. 

As creatives, we all have someone, at some time or another, tell us the art isn't a career.  Do you have any advice for creatives who are just starting their career as artists?

I think it is important to be realistic about the journey. Will you bust out on your first instagram post and instantly have 20 customers? Maybe not. Probably not. Will you know which direction to travel, all the time and make the right decisions right out of the gate? It is a big learning curve to figure out how to make yourself stand out from the crowd and how to properly market yourself. It will take time to find your tribe, your supporters, your customers. Take the time to build your brand and your voice right from the beginning. Be consistent in your message, and true to yourself. It takes a good amount of work and dedication (just like in any career) to get to where you want to go. I still consider myself in the beginning stages of my art career. I am slowly building and slowly learning about myself as I go along. 

What is your social media strategy?  Your feed is stunning & people really connect with your account.

Thank you! My strategy is this: Give people an honest and open glimpse into my art and life. Value the connections you make on social media. Treat people with respect and get involved in helping others towards their dreams. I am working on showing more of my process and inspiration along with some beautifully styled final art pieces. Beautiful photos draw people to your page, but its the connections you make, that will turn acquaintances into friends, and viewers into clients.