How To Exercise Without A Gym: 3 Equipment Free Workouts

4 no-gym fitness routines for any level

When you barely have enough time to sit down and eat a full meal uninterrupted, how can you be expected to spend an hour or more at the gym? Not to mention the time it takes to get there, get home, shower, etc. Not. Possible. There’s just not enough hours in the day.

If you’re like me, then when you get home from work, you’re tired, overwhelmed, overworked, hungry, frustrated, and a slew of other adjectives. Exercising is the last thing you WANT to be doing. You’re already tired! It’s hard. It’s time-consuming. But on the other hand, you feel that nagging voice in your head telling you that you need to exercise. For me, it’s the little voice reminding me that it’s the holiday season and there lots of goodies to be had (or eaten). I feel that sometimes I’m in a state of cognitive dissonance, because I want to live a healthy life. I want to love the body I’ve been given (and worked hard for!)... And I always hear about how exercising invigorates and energizes you. But I’m just so dang tired. So, what’s a busy girl to do?.

Take out the stress of not having a gym membership. Even if you do have a gym membership, don’t worry about having to drive to the gym and work out for an hour. The answer to your dilemma lies here: Do shorter, more intense workouts whenever and wherever you can fit them in.

I’ve designed three short workouts for the busy bee that you are. These workouts are designed to be done anywhere, at home, at work during your lunch break, etc. I give some general guidelines on how much of each exercise you should do... But always, always, ALWAYS listen to your body whenever you are doing strenuous physical exercise. If you start to feel unwell, take a break. Do what you have to do to keep yourself healthy - and safe!

Workout #1


50 Jumping Jacks
40 Lunges (20 each leg) 30 Second Planks
20 Butt-Kicks
10 Burpees

Rest for Max. 90 seconds; Go Back Up the Pyramid

Beginner: Repeat the Pyramid One-Two Times

Advanced: the Pyramid Four-Five Times

Workout #2

High Knees
Suicide Planks
Curtsy Lunges
Push-Ups (or Modified Push Ups) Butt Kicks

Squat Jumps Tricep Dips Mountain Climbers


Beginner: 25 seconds of exercise, 35 seconds rest

Intermediate: 30 seconds of exercise, 15 seconds rest.

Advanced: 45 seconds of exercise, 10-15 seconds rest


Workout #3

Time Yourself:

50 Burpees

It doesn’t matter how long it takes you, or how much rest you have to take - just finish it! See if you can improve your time next week ;)