How To Use Crystals in Your Home

Crystals and gemstones have been used for centuries in healing and cultural traditions but they've recently exploded onto the wellness lifestyle scene.  Why is this new trend important?  Because using crystals in your home might help shift the energy in your favor.

Some of the reported benefits of using crystals (and stones) by intentionally placing them in areas of your home include:

  • Clearing out stuck or negatively charged energy that weighs down an area

  • Charging your home's energy with how you want to feel

  • Programming a space such as your office with goals you want to manifest

how to use crystals for your home

If you just want a few stones or want the most bang for your buck, go for Selenite and Amethyst.  They are considered utility stones and are used for a variety of purposes.  For example, Amethyst is referred to as the "all healer" and "nature's tranquilizer", so it could be beneficial in the bathroom as well as the bedroom.  Selenite is a great high-vibration stone that can help with stress, neutralize negativity and aid in meditation.  

Below are stones you can use in targeted areas of your home.  

You can typically find them online, at stores that carry New-Age items, at gemstone trade shows or even at flea markets.  Before using a stone or placing it permanently in your home, you should "cleanse" it of the energy it carries from its former home and owners by passing it several times through the smoke of a white sage smudge bundle.  Most grocery stores carry dried white sage bundles.


Living + Family Room and Exterior Doorways

Place Black Tourmaline in these high-traffic areas for protection.  This stone works to transform negative energy and can help you energetically leave issues at the door so you don't bring it into the sanctuary of your home.  Black Tourmaline is said to prepare you for wise decisions which is a great way to set yourself up for success as you go out to face the day.

At doorways and home entry points, you can also use Black Onyx or Obsidian to absorb any negative energies of the day and protect energetically.  


Kitchen + Dining Room

Aquamarine or Turquoise are great to place in the kitchen or at the dining room table to aid in communication.  A stone of Lapis Lazuli can help to smooth conversations with your loved ones after a long, hectic day.  Green Aventurine is also great to use in areas where you gather to fellowship with friends and loved ones.


Workspace + Office

In your office or work area, use Green Tourmaline to increase an intentional energy of prosperity.  A less common stone, Vanadinite, is sometimes used for creativity and motivation.  The multi-purpose stone, Amethyst, can also be used here to attract inspiration.

Citrine is a stone associated with manifesting abundance and success.  Placing it near your computer is a great idea if you're a blogger or work in an online capacity.



Place Clear Quartz at a mirror to amplify any positive mantras you repeat into the mirror to start your day.  The stone helps amplify positive intentions.  Also, the stone Hematite is said to increase self-esteem.  This could be an important stone to consider if you struggle with body image issues or feelings of low self-worth.



If bringing in an energy of feminine warmth and love is where you want to focus, use Rose Quartz or Pink Tourmaline in the bedroom.  It can be placed on or near the bed.  The 4 bed posts or a side table are common stone placements for the bedroom.  Selenite is also useful for bringing peaceful feelings into the room where you sleep.

If you're struggling to wind down and rest deeply, Amethyst has been used for insomnia.  Try shutting down electronics an hour or two before bedtime and placing Amethyst near your bed.  

Moonstone aids in tapping into your intuition or inner-knowing, so it can be especially powerful if you're journaling your dreams after waking each morning.  Try sleeping with a smaller stone under your pillow and then holding it in your receiving (non-dominant) hand as you journal when you wake to aid in accessing some of the dream subject matter.

Caring for Your Stones

how to use crystals in your home

Regardless of the stone you choose, take note of any changes or improvements you may notice in your home.  Keeping a journal where you record the date you place the stones and updating it for any observations can be a good way to gauge the subtle benefits.  Remember that using multiple stones, regardless of size, amplifies their effects.  So cleansing and charging the stones regularly is recommended.  Passing the stones through white sage smoke or infusing them with Reiki energy are common stone cleansing techniques.  Charging the crystals for the highest beneficial energy is usually accomplished by placing them under the light of the full moon or the sun, depending on the composition of the stone and its fragility.  Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!      


p.s. If you want a quick + easy resource to help you choose your stones, download my FREE checklist “Crystals for the Home” by clicking HERE.