3 reasons you need aloe vera in your skincare routine + a free giveaway

Sometimes it really is the things that our moms told us 3 million times that we just don't remember.  For example, my mom always had me cover my skin in aloe.  I loved the summer sun & was a swimmer, but she was treating my skin for more than the occasional sunburn.  Aloe vera is a amazingly effective skincare powerhouse.  

3 reasons you need to be including aloe in your beauty routine + a giveaway

3 benefits of using aloe vera in your daily routine

It helps retain moisture + improve elasticity

Aloe vera naturally moisturizes the skin, helping cells repair.  Because it's not oily it can be used for various skin types including those that are acne prone.


Aloe helps heal breakouts + prevent scarring

Aloe is anti-inflammatory so it helps decrease the redness and swelling associated with problem skin.  In addition to that, it increases cell repair through a component called polysaccharides.  Promoting cell repair and turnover helps to ensure that scarring and marks are less common.


pRevents signs of aging when used often

As you can imagine, supple, moisturized skin will age much more gracefully then skin that has been dried out by harsh products.  In addition to keeping skin supple and elastic, increased cell turnover will help prevent premature aging, fin lines & wrinkles.



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