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The Best Ways to Manage Your Small Business

Small business owners have a lot on their plates. It's difficult enough competing with other businesses on the market, let alone trying to develop and grow your business further in the meantime.

More importantly, every decision is essential and can have a major impact on your business. You have to manage your company, your employees, develop strategies, create financial plans and make many more decisions that are all equally important for achieving business success.

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How to Use Blogging to Grow Your Consulting Business

Many people might get a bit overwhelmed by the blogging process because they feel it’s a huge undertaking. However, if you’re writing a blog post once a week, that’s plenty of content for your audience to absorb. Putting out too much information too quickly can actually be a negative aspect of using your blog as a client generator.

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why Squarespace is the entrepreneur's easy button

When I started the journey into the online world, I had no idea about ANYTHING. I didn’t know where to begin…I didn’t know what a lead page, opt-in or email list even was! Talk about totally in the dark. 

But the beauty that came from my ignorance was that I was able to research every single thing from scratch for every single step along the way. And the best research I ever did was on website platforms. I actually started with both Squarespace and WordPress to see what worked better for me. And even though both have huge strengths, I couldn’t do the customization I wanted to do with WordPress without outsourcing. And oh, the coding…the coding!!

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