5 glitzy as fuck shoes you'll die for but won't kill you

Here's the thing about the holidays: I need everything to sparkle or shine.  Seriously, my inner #partygoblin isn't after booze, it's after shoes... of the glitzy variety.  In general, my wardrobe is full of neutrals.  But a walkable + glitzy shoe?  YAS!  It's the perfect secret weapon for everyday style and also semi-drunken holiday parties.

Being your own boss can mean spending less time worrying about your wardrobe and more time doing the work and running from here to there.  What it doesn't mean is looking like a mess. Investing in made-for-walking shoes with a polished edge can give your leggings and oversized sweatshirt the perfect amount of texture and style. 

Never be afraid to shine

  shoes by: Cedric   |   Kate Spade   |   Prada   |   Steve Madden

shoes by: Cedric   |   Kate Spade   |   Prada   |   Steve Madden

Do you have a staple piece in your wardrobe that keeps you feeling stylish and put-together?

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