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How did you start in branding?

Working in branding was a natural progression and a result from my origins in digital art. As I began showcasing work I did as a hobby, demand began to grow for my services. Furthermore, I fell in love with it; combining my psychology and creative writing background with my visual design skills creating a great foundation for conveying a business' story and message to their audience.

Did you always know you wanted to work within the wedding industry?  How did you determine & define your niche?

It has taken me time to find my niche and narrow down my audience. I do work outside of the wedding industry if the fit is right, but my target market is wedding professionals. I defined my niche by designing for many industries and practising my versatility. However, my natural style is feminine and this lends itself to the wedding industry. As I tried this focus, I truly fell in love with working in this sector!

If you could give one word of advice to for designers who are just starting out, what would it be?

Ah! Just one? I'm really torn here. I think a fundamental lesson I've learnt is not to undersell yourself. I have done huge projects for very little money because I didn't believe I could charge what I needed and deserved. By undercharging you are subconsciously telling yourself β€”and your clientsβ€”that you are not worth it.

Your instagram feed has such a cohesive, well thought out vibe.  What is your strategy?  Any tools you'd recommend?

I have learnt such a lot about Instagram. A few months ago when I realised its power, I had to makeover my entire feed, deleting all my content. It's a service I now offer after clients asked me to do the same for them. It's so important for your social media to match your brand style, and mine was a mess! My posts are carefully thought out- if I've just used an image with plenty of pink, I'll make sure I don't do the same for the next. I keep my images on brand both aesthetically and in relation to content. Key to my strategy is also using the right hashtags. All my photos are posted manually right now; I'm not using a scheduler.