Organize Your Life in Less Than 5 Hours a Week

Everyone experiences stress from time to time relating to their schedule. Chances are, you’re not living a 100% financially free lifestyle, and if you do, there is still some scheduling and work required out of you.

So many of us out there right now are to make our work schedules fit into our home and family lives, while also trying to make time for our own personal hobbies and development.

How is anyone supposed to put forth their best effort at work, come home and be a loving partner and involved parent, foster their own interests and hobbies, stay physically fit, eat well, take time for relaxation, and still have time to sleep? Is that even possible?

Yes, Aria. I’ve got your back, girl.

It is impossible to lay out a schedule here that will apply to every person reading this, but I can help you establish good, healthy habits that will let you live your best life possible.

Take one hour each week to make major planning decisions.

Write down everything you have to physically do this week:

  • Work items,
  • deadlines,
  • meetings,
  • appointments (doctor, dentist, hair, nails, etc.),
  • kids’ events (soccer game, recital, PTA meeting, etc.),
  • whatever else you need to do

Then drop those bad boys into your handy-dandy planner! Having a clear visual understanding of these physical events will give you more time to prepare for them.

Monthly/Weekly planner & my daily bullet journal

I have two planners that I use to manage my life. It may sound like overkill, but it’s a lot simpler to take in, visually, and it tricks the mind into thinking that there is less on the to-do list for the day.

The monthly spread is for bills, birthdays, appointments, and anything else that is a recurring event that can be planned from the previous month.

The weekly planner spread is for more detailed short-term planning. I’m using an Erin Condren style planner right now, but I’m not particularly attached to it and may change it up over time.

Of course, knowing when you’re not available gives you a better idea of when you’ll be able to do all of the other things you want to accomplish that aren’t on a time table. Find time in your schedule to fill in these events:

  • grocery shopping & planning (approx. 2-4 hours, depending on whether you choose to meal prep after shopping),
  • laundry (approx. 1-2 hours),
  • fitness: 2 days cardio, 2 days strength training, 2 days stretching (30 min. each day, with one day off)
  • spiritual/personal development: meditation, Bible study, volunteering, doing self-less acts for the sole benefit of others

After you have all of these things down on paper in your planner, you’ll be able to see how much time you realistically have left over for your recreational activities and hobbies.

We feel your pain, Hanna. All it takes is a little time and planning.

Take 20 minutes every morning to set the intentions for your day.

Start your day with a room temperature glass of water with lemon and a 10 minute Yoga flow to wake up your body comfortably.

Immediately afterward — BEFORE CHECKING YOUR PHONE/EMAIL/NOTIFICATIONS — go wash your face and brush your teeth, and look at yourself in the mirror when you’re done. Out loud, tell yourself one major reason you’re awesome and one big thing you need to get through your day:


“I can accomplish any task that is set in front of me.

"I will have the patience and resilience I need to manage my responsibilities today.”

After that, sit down with your planner and make sure you have all of your tasks for the day written in order of priority. If something needs to be accomplished at a specific time, make note of that. Be as specific as possible because nothing is worse than trying to decipher a vague note when you’re on a time crunch.

My daily bullet journal may change based on the tasks and appointments I have for the day, but it helps me stay on track every single day no matter what. There’s no crashing or hacking or reformatting a notebook, and you can use this space to take down any notes, observations, social accounts to watch, things you need to do/buy, etc. throughout the day, too.

I like to include a little checklist for all of my supplements and water intake, too. That way, I have no excuses in missing my probiotic or my daily required amount of water! It’s all on the list for the day.

At the end of your day, make note of what wasn’t accomplished and needs to be rolled to the next day.


In less than 5 hours a week, you’re on your way to a less-stressed lifestyle! Don’t get me wrong — you’ll still have some flexibility in your schedule and will probably get a little off track, but you’ll have a much more difficult time making excuses about not having time for yourself and bettering your body when you already have it scheduled in your planner.

You’ll be like Mona, killin’ it in no time.

I guarantee that if you implement this strategy, you’ll be feeling more in control and less stressed than ever before.

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